Press Clipping
Gig Salad's Mark Steiner with Kevin Hunter TBFS Radio

Would you stand in lines at a festival if you could book every type of performer in your own backyard? More and more people are getting into the DIY game, and is to booking entertainment as Uber is to finding a cab ride, or as AirBnB is to finding lodging- you connect directly with the service providers.

Most people don't think about booking performers themselves, and Mark Steiner of GigSalad is helping the everyday person start to think of themselves as a curator of live experiences in their own life. He has helped event planners go through the experience of creating a live experience for one of their own personal events. And he has helped people who are using the GigSalad booking platform to book anything from TV show talent to corporate gatherings.

GigSalad connects over 600,000 event planners with over 55,000 performers, including musicians, comedians, speakers, and specialty acts like balloon twisters, fire eaters, and more. Hobbyist performers get on stage without the hassle of marketing; professionals are making their entire career on GigSalad.
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