Press Clipping

Event entertainment is one of the hottest side hustle categories out there. It can include everything from public speaking to musicians, magicians to comedians.

Today we are talking about two sites that can help you book more gigs and make more money as a result.


How Does GigSalad Work?

It only takes a few minutes to get your services listed on the site. Event planners can then contact you to request a quote. Fill out the simple form with your fees and deposit. The planner can then submit payment to confirm the booking.

How Do I Get Paid? What Do I Pay for Using the Service?

There is no cost to list your services or receive leads at GigSalad. Deposits are paid to you by PayPal or check. The remaining balance is then paid by the planner at the time of the event.

Event planners cover the 4% service fee ($15 minimum) at GigSalad. Entertainers can choose to split or cover the cost if they would like.

GigSalad Reviews

We always like to share a few first-hand experiences when we can. Here is what a couple entertainers had to say about the site.

David Darwin has been performing for 15 years and has used GigSalad for the past four. He says, “Gig Salad is a part of the new reality of marketing for entertainers like me. It’s just a part of a portfolio of online presence that indicates to a client that you are a real, reliable entity they can count on. That’s important when you are selling services that are associated in our minds with gypsies and traveling circuses. I book a few gigs a year through GigSalad, not much but enough that it’s worth it to me. But I definitely stick with them because I want people to see my name wherever they look for jugglers, fire eaters and sword swallowers. If they see my name wherever they look I must be a big player in the field and since it’s probably a field they know nothing about, those first impressions made online are important.”

GigSalad Tips

Lea Hatch, owner and CEO of A Shot Above Ent, Inc., has been using the site for about two years and currently receives about 90% of their business through GigSalad. She had these tips to share:

“One tip I have is to answer the inquiry as soon as possible. Most of our clients will even pay a higher price because we respond very quickly to their inquiry. I also respond to their questions and comments as soon as possible.

“Another tip is to put enough information in your initial quote but not so much that it is overwhelming for the customer. I tell the customer our price, what we wear, and what our staff brings with them.”


How Does GigMasters Work?

GigMasters currently has over 40,000 entertainers, party vendors and professionals listed on their site. Once listed you will receive leads by email or text message.

How Do I Get Paid? What Do I Pay for Using the Service?

On this site, you pay as an entertainer. The Lite membership is free for three months. You pay 5% when you are booked. If you want listed in additional categories, advanced features or to appear in locations outside of a 10-mile radius, you will need to purchase a paid membership. Those range in price from $79 to $149 for three months.

GigMasters Reviews

Jim Loftus is a pianist using GigMasters. He says, “Fortunately, I have seen decent success with GigMasters. Success is based on how willing artists are to put work into making their pages effective and inclusive of as many different elements as possible (photo, video, etc.). You can’t be lazy and still expect gigs without putting in the work and being responsive to the lead emails to keep your ratings up. I’ve enjoyed treating it like a business that keeps giving back as long as we keep cultivating our presence on the site. In the 11 years, four months I’ve been a member at GigMasters, I’ve earned $58,525.00, which averages out to $5,165.00 per year. People bid on the gig and can pay the “finder’s fee” (which we can opt to pay for), then pay us a deposit. We then get an automatic email from GigMasters confirming the booking along with details and a link where we can redeem the deposit.”

Strattons Photography says, “It would not surprise me to earn $7,000 this year from Gigmaster’s accounts. Payment via GM is straightforward, it comes right into a separate checking account.”