Press Clipping
Get more gigs with GigSalad. For real.

When GigSalad signed on as one of the top sponsors for CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference, I decided it was time to finally try the service out.

What is GigSalad?
It’s a diverse online platform where entertainers can promote their talent. GigSalad has connected artists with over 850,000 event planners nationwide, and requests for musicians are increasing every day.

So put simply, it’s a way to get gigs.

Anyone who wants to book a band for their event can use GigSalad as a resource to find just the right act. GigSalad also serves as a go-between that provides certain protections for both parties throughout the booking and event-planning process.

When I was going through the signup process, I immediately saw the benefit of GigSalad for cover bands, jazz ensembles, and acts that play corporate events,weddings, nursing homes, parties, etc. To be honest, though, I had my doubts about how GigSalad might benefit someone like me who prefers to play mostly original music.

The answer was both clear and surprising (because I hadn’t considered the obvious). In my case, I don’t really need help finding gigs where I can perform my own material. But GigSalad could offer lucrative and low-intensity gigs that might help fund more recordings, promotion, etc. So — without much effort — I could tap into some of those same opportunities I mentioned above.

For example, during the summer I received two separate offers to perform a single song at a wedding, totally acoustic without the need for an amp, mic, or PA. One was a John Denver song. I forget what the other wedding wanted, but it was in a similar 70’s soft-rock vein. They didn’t even need me to stick around afterwards. Show up, play the song, leave with a few hundred bucks. Not bad for 5 minutes of work and 10 minutes of driving.

Unfortunately I couldn’t accept either gig because of some work travel, but still… had I been in town, I’d have GigSalad to thank for being almost a thousand dollars richer.

On the other end of the gig spectrum, I have heard of bands that play original music finding success with GigSalad. CD Baby’s CEO Tracy Maddux recently met a musician who’d booked a tour using the service, and plenty of the event planners searching for bands are happy to hire original songwriters.

Regardless of whether you play originals or covers, there are gig opportunities waiting on GigSalad, and it’s FREE to sign up (they just take a cut of your guarantee).