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About GigSalad

GigSalad is the largest, most diverse marketplace for booking bands, performers, speakers and services for events, parties, and gatherings of all types and sizes. With millions of users across the U.S. and Canada, provides an easy and secure way for event planners to book ...

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Odette Scott

Eight Unexpectedly Awesome Performers for Your Kid’s Next Birthday Bash

Planning your child’s next birthday party? As you rifle through the cake recipes, decoration themes, and craft ideas, thanks to a shrinking world, you can now create a whole new type of experience for your kid: book a real live performer.

These days, you can find swimming mermaids, familiar pirates, larger-than-life robots, and more online, and read reviews of past party hosts. Or if you want an even more unique experience, hire a petting zoo, a yo yo expert, or a drum circle. Here are some cool suggestions from around the country to spark your imagination and get you started.

YoYo Joe (San Francisco, CA): This US Yoyo Champion takes the humble toy to a whole new level, with off-the-hook tricks and a knack for engaging young viewers.

ROBO DKTR (Toronto, ON): A 10-foot robot stiltwalker, complete with smoke, lasers, and Tron-bright LED display. Really, how have you had a birthday without one?

The Kinderwise Music Company (Burbank, CA): A bright, bold crew that can jump from zany to sweet, bringing their young listeners along for the very fun ride.

Animal Alley Productions (New York, NY): Have alligator, will travel! A mobile zoo with dozens of animals guests, this educational presentation demonstrates the joys of the wild in a kid-friendly way.

Magic Bubbles Show (Miami Beach, FL): Bubbles delight kids of all ages, especially when coaxed to do the beautiful, surprising things this performer manages.

Jack Sparrow (Auburn, NY): Everyone’s favorite pirate will merrily play a starring role at your party.

Children’s Drum Circles (Tampa, FL): Get everybody drumming up a storm--complete with rainstick--in an interactive rhythmic adventure that’s great for kids of all abilities.

Mermaid Minuet (Raleigh, NC): This rainbow-colored mermaid can dance, swim, stilt walk, and transform little aspiring mermaids with her set of tails and dress-up goodies.

For more good times, look for entertainers in your area on GigSalad ( You can see reviews and all other info you’ll need to book just the right people for a truly memorable bash.