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About GigSalad

GigSalad is the largest, most diverse marketplace for booking bands, performers, speakers and services for events, parties, and gatherings of all types and sizes. With millions of users across the U.S. and Canada, provides an easy and secure way for event planners to book ...

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Odette Scott

GigSalad More Than Triples Bookings, Quadruples Booking Revenue in Two Years

By all counts, entertainment booking service GigSalad has exploded over the last several years. Since its launch in 2007, it has become the world’s largest marketplace for booking performers and services for events, and 2015’s year-end stats topped all expectations. The company engaged its members in 21,963 events in 2015, compared to 6,071 events in 2013—a 360% increase. Even more impressive, in 2015 the company generated $2.2 million in booking revenue, compared to $474,000 in 2013— a 465% increase. In that same time, overall revenue for the company grew 260%, from $1,585,576 to $4,181,598. This is what happens when innovators connect the dots between fun-seekers and fun-providers—and have fun doing it.

A key driver of this feat has been making it simple for members to get paid for their talent. GigSalad’s roster now holds over 80,000 musicians, inspirational speakers, comedians, clowns, bagpipers—you name it—in 580 service categories. Members also include florists, caterers, photographers, equipment renters, and more. Event planners get free quotes and book online securely. The platform generates contracts, collects deposits, and distributes payments to entertainers and vendors. And strategic partnerships with CD Baby, Bandzoogle, Digital Music News, and other titans of music technology showcase GigSalad to artists ready to perform and comfortable with getting paid online.

Another driver is the irrepressible attitude at GigSalad’s HQ. Lead Developer Locke Bircher commented, “At no point in my mind has the goal ever been to reach X members or Y event planners. It's been to build a trustworthy and easy-to-use marketplace. To provide tools to empower talented individuals and groups to promote themselves. If we stick to these principles, our growth is inevitable.”

CEO and Co-founder Mark Steiner agreed, saying, "As the wild-eyed dreamer of the group, at the beginning I picked the biggest, boldest number I could, then said, ‘Let's do this, guys,’ and pointed into the distance. I'm still pointing into the distance, encouraging growth and imagination. But more importantly, I’m focused on running a happy, healthy company." "

Bircher recounted, “When we had around 1,500 members, I said that one day we would have 10,000 members.” As the company passed the 50,000-member mark, he declared that one day they would have 100,000, and so on. Co-founder Steve Tetrault echoed this: “I always think we should be at 10x our current user base. Now that we’re booking 22,000 events per year, I think we should be at 22 million.”

“Our big goals have remained the same since we started,” said Steiner, “to be profitable, minimize debt, and foster a happy culture both in the company and in the world.” This attitude keeps employee morale building from great to tremendous. And over the last two years, it has more than tripled the number of unforgettable moments GigSalad delivered to customers.

Tetrault concluded, “To me, these numbers represent a beginning, not an arrival. There is still much work to do to get into the consciousness of our entire North American audience. And we haven't even embarked upon an international presence yet. Now, it's time for the idea of booking live talent online to catch on among all event planners, everywhere.”

About GigSalad:

GigSalad is the largest and most diverse marketplace for booking bands, performers, speakers and services for events, parties, and productions of all types and sizes. With millions of users across the U.S. and Canada, GigSalad connects event and party planners with over 80,000 professionals for hire, making it simple to search and book great talent.