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About GigSalad

GigSalad is the largest, most diverse marketplace for booking bands, performers, speakers and services for events, parties, and gatherings of all types and sizes. With millions of users across the U.S. and Canada, provides an easy and secure way for event planners to book ...

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Odette Scott

Offstage Stories: GigSalad Unveils Podcast, as Actors, Musicians, and Other Performers Give "The GigSalad Greenroom Interviews"

When you run one of the biggest online marketplaces for live entertainment, you meet a lot of intriguing performers. You hear a lot of hilarious stories about life on stage and off. The folks at GigSalad couldn’t help themselves: They had to share the best of these tales with the world.

Starting October 3, 2016, GigSalad will release one fun, fascinating account from behind the scenes a month, The GigSalad Greenroom Interviews podcast (available via SoundCloud and iTunes). Upcoming guests include musicians, actors, writers, and directors. First up in the green room: Maribeth Monroe (of Workholics and Keeping Up With the Joneses) and Dana Powell (Bridesmaids, Modern Family). Future episodes will feature Rhonda Vincent (Grammy-nominated bluegrass artist),  Aaron Schwartz (Gossip Girl, Mighty Ducks, Guardians of the Galaxy 2), and Ruther Pointer (The Pointer Sisters), among many others.

“GigSalad has always been about bringing people together, people who are looking for entertainment, and people who love providing it,” says GigSalad CEO Mark Steiner, who got his start as an actor and talent agent. “We’re thrilled to get a chance to share some of what we learn from performers about their lives and the work they adore.”

The first conversations were recorded in Springfield, MO, GigSalad’s hometown, when guests came to be part of The Mystery Hour, the regional Emmy-winning live talk show. The GigSalad crew often asks entertainers to stop by their headquarters while they are in town, and to record an intimate conversation about their lives, work, and art. Things range from pensive to raucous, but always give great insight into what it’s like to be in the entertainment business.

“Because GigSalad, as a company, aims to help people do what they love, we always ask our guests on the podcast about their pursuit of their own personal passions. Every successful entertainer starts out with a dream and a lot of hard work,” explains podcast host Destin Harrison. “Many of GigSalad's members are in the exact same place as our guests, just a few years ago, before they got their big break, so we always like to hear about that journey. We also ask for any advice that our guests would like to offer entertainers who are still trying to make it in the industry.”

The entertainment business is rapidly changing, democratizing on all fronts. Now it’s not just big events and players who hire talented performers, but party planners and parents who want to arrange something special for a private function. GigSalad wants to make everyone entertainment insiders, inviting everyone into the Greenroom to hear exactly what it takes to pursue a life of creativity and do what you love.

About GigSalad

GigSalad is an online platform for artists and event service providers to promote their talent, connect with event hosts and planners, and get booked for private and public gigs ranging from weddings and parties to corporate events and festivals. As the largest entertainment booking platform in the U.S. and Canada, GigSalad can help you do what you love. Find out more at